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  • Last update: Q2-2022
  • Inception date: 24/09/2021
  • Investment type: Real estate rental and development loans
  • Deposits: 1,898 EUR
  • Withdrawals: 0 EUR
  • Income: 153.7 EUR

ReInvest24 is an Estonia-based real estate crowdfunding platform that was launched in 2018. They facilitate equity loans to the investors and promote reinvesting as the main tool for increasing income.

The platform allows you to invest in properties in smaller amounts than it would be required if you would’ve been a sole investor, and start benefiting from your investments almost immediately.

This platform works with residential and commercial properties from 5 different European markets  Baltics, Moldova, Spain, and Germany. So, it makes it easy to diversify one’s portfolio by investing across different countries, as well as different real estate types. 

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