This page shows all my transactions – deposits and withdrawals, since the beginning of my blogging journey in December 2018.

For the time being, I pay myself at least £500 out of my payslip monthly, depositing the funds to my Vanguard Stocks and Shares ISA to purchase stocks or bonds shares via ETFs, following a 50/50 balanced portfolio approach. More on this strategy here.

On the Euro side of my portfolio, most of my investments are focused on crowd investing platforms. I plan to move money around until I get a balanced distribution.

Transactions one million journey

03/07/2019Estate Guru+ 1000 €Autoinvest
01/07/2019Mintos- 1200 €UK residents can't invest temporally
29/06/2019Abundance (Pax Apartments)+ 55.5€The €45K Project Fund
29/06/2019Vanguard ISA+ 555€Paying Myself First
26/06/2019Vanguard ISA+ 5,916.6€Short term corporate bonds and treasury bills
21/06/2019Property Partner+ 1,117.4€Ramsay Place, Aberdeen
31/05/2019Abundance (Cogen Inv.)+ 276.1€The €45K Project Fund
30/05/2019Property Partner+ 563.4€Cornwall Street, Birmingham, B3
30/05/2019Vanguard ISA+ 566.2€Paying Myself First
27/05/2019Vanguard ISA+ 5650€Pound drops (EUR/GBP exchange opportunity ?)
10/05/2019Estate Guru+ 2000€Autoinvest
28/04/2019Vanguard ISA+ 580€Paying Myself First
23/04/2019Grupeer- 1100€Diversification purpose
28/03/2019Vanguard ISA+ 580€Paying Myself First
27/03/2019Vanguard ISA+ 1740€FTSE 100 UCITS ETF (VUKE)
12/03/2019Envestio+ 1075€Alum. prod. / Ind. Recycling - Tier 2
12/03/2019Mintos+ 490.8€Short-term loans
11/03/2019Grupeer- 1100€Diversification purpose
08/03/2019Mintos+1000€Short-term loans
08/03/2019Envestio+1000€All recycling SIA
06/03/2019Grupeer- 1000€Diversification purpose
28/02/2019Vanguard ISA+ 580€Paying Myself First
27/02/2018Algotechs- 2000€Withdrawal test
11/02/2019Mintos+ 500€Diversification purpose
10/02/2019Envestio+ 500€Tukums DH working capital
05/02/2019Grupeer- 1100€Diversification purpose
31/01/2019Vanguard ISA+ 575€Paying Myself First
15/01/2019Mintos+ 1000€Diversification purpose
15/01/2019Grupeer- 1200€Diversification purpose
14/01/2019Envestio+ 300€Biomass fuel factoring
09/01/2019Envestio+ 200€Oil product terminal rent
08/01/2019Crowdestate - 156€No monthly interest income opportunities
03/01/2019Envestio+ 500€Wind turbine farm-Tier 5
28/12/2018Vanguard ISA+ 575€Paying Myself First
27/12/2018Property Partner+ 574€London House, High Wycombe