Ladies and gentlemen welcome on board to my Spanglish portfolio update once again. Thanks for choosing to spend the next 3-5 minutes of your time reading about anything that crosses over my mind during the update. I ‘ll begin with some facts about my personal life.

February has been hectic when compared with my quiet January. Even though I took the vitamins that guy from total balance recommended on his January update, I was hit by a flu wave just at the best time – two days before my flight date to Barcelona.  I missed it and with the expectation of feeling better in the next two following days, I purchased a new flight ticket. Luckily flight tickets over this time are cheap, costing me £37. It still translates to a reduction of -1.8% on my saving rate, that compounding over 30 years would have been… (Stop it Tony! move on mate!).

Now seriously, rather than the money, what really made me feel sad was losing two days of being at home, and also the compounding of the following bad luck…

Thanks to the delay, I had just one day left to renew my passport. Had my appointment, everything sorted, great! Until I arrived at the police office to find out that they were suffering from networking errors, not being able to renew any passports at all. Jesus Chris! Of course, Tony! You are back in Spain, where things never work! Remember? At that time, I felt more British than Spanish, complaining to every human being surrounding me, poor officers. There was a dog too, but it did ignore me, behaving as the smarter in the room. I do understand now when tourists come to Spain and complaint about the services, bless you! If I would write a blog post about frustrating experiences about it, I will get the longest post by far.

Anyway, after this experience and still holding my old passport with frustration, we travelled to Paris and stayed there for a few days. My bad luck finally seemed to be vanishing, except for the 7€ I paid for the worst hot dog I’ve never swallowed and 10€ I donated to a scam save the children charity.

What about the luck of my investments? Did they also get some temperature this month?

Without further ado, let’s get cracking!

Monthly Highlights

  • Portfolio value: 194,810 (+21.4 %)
  • Monthly Transactions (Deposits – Withdrawals): -1520 €
  • Monthly earnings: 34,358 €
  • Passive income: 365 €(-10.5%) 

February, in spite of being the shortest month of the year it has produced impressive record earnings ever since January 2018. There was definitely some temperature here over the last four weeks. I wouldn’t mind being sick for a few days every month if that turns out to be a good month of earnings 🙂

The following chart shows how the value of my portfolio is evolving, my monthly transactions and earnings:

Total portfolio evolution Feb-19 one million journey

Passive income

Although we had a hotter than expected February, the temperature of my passive income decreased -10.5%. Corporate and Treasury bonds haven’t paid dividends yet and my S&P500 ETF pays quarterly, so nothing coming in from here neither until April.

I am quite far away from reaching my goal of 700€ by the end of the year, but I still think I can archive it by pushing more cash into crowdlending platforms.

Total monthly passive income Feb-18 one million journey

Monthly earnings by platform

Crowdestate is the top performer within my property crowdfunding portfolio, increasing 2.2%, while Envestio stands out to be the best among my P2P Crowdinvesting platforms, reaching 1.5%. The Forex market has been volatile, and the algorithmic platform has been able to close an impressive amount of positive trades, lifting up the account by nearly 27%!

The GBP/EUR currency ratio jumps a little from 1.15 to 1.16, which quite surprises me. Whatever happens with this ratio over the next few weeks doesn’t worry me too much. Pound dropping like a brick could translate into a great investing opportunities. So, I will keep a close eye on that.

PlatformInception dateValue JanuaryTransactionsValue FebruaryEarningsReturn FebruaryCumulative Return
Algotechs20/11/201794574-2000126,45533,88126.8 %194 % *
Vanguard (£)14/03/201826,487.4 (30,460.5 €)
+500 (580 €)27,082 (31,415 €)95 (110 €)
0.35 %
3.14 %
Property Partner (£)21/01/20185,847 (6724 €)05,866 (6805 €)20 ( 23.2 €)0.33 %7.1 %
0.4 %3.6 %
Grupeer19/05/201814,755-110013,8441891.3 %11.8 %
300.84 %5.38 %
Crowdestate16/08/20181,89001,933432.2%4.5 %
Envestio15/10/20182,503+5003,048451.5 %6.7 %
Fast invest29/10/20181,031
111.1 %4.2 %
TOTAL160,617 €-1,520 €160,617 €34,358 €21.4%104%

*Success fee is not deducted yet


When I look at the profits on Algotechs I just can’t believe it. My trading account increased by nearly 34K, this is close to the money I make for the whole year of working. As I have surpassed the value of 100K my succes fee is lower from now on, dropping from 25% to 20%. Algotechs has the right to withdraw the sucess fees once per quarter. However, in some cases, they don’t take it for compounding purposes, helping you and them to get better long-term profits.

So, how come the ATS software performed so well? A big stake came out after no negotiations were reached on Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un.
The willingness of the president to walk away without a deal could cause traders who are betting on a trade deal between the U.S. and China to reduce their odds of an agreement being reached. That made the currency exchange EUR/USD to be very volatile, adding that the software is leveraging the trades more than usual recently, resulted in a day earnings over 12K.

EUR/USD volatility after Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un

Now that I have surpassed the 100K landmark I would like to withdraw some money in a monthly basis. I have been able to withdraw 2000€ this month, which makes me feel that things regarding the colapse of their previous bank are improving , but I am still confused about how all of this mess will end up.

Some of you have shown interest to know more about how Algotrading works. I’m no an expert, but I have learnt some insights since I began investing with Algotechs. Let me know down below the comments if you would like to hear more about it and I will add it to my list.

Algotechs portfolio evolution February-19 one million journey
Algotechs Portfolio Evolution


As planned in my previous post, as long as I live in Great Britain, I will pay myself first £500 every month after payday, and trasnfer this money to my Vanguard portfolio account. Last month I used that money to buy more USD Corporate bond ETF shares. This one I’m just keeping it as cash for the time being. My instinct tells me to wait and see how the markets move over the next few days, as the MACD and Stockatichs are still within overbought limits and the S&P500 is now at the 2800 resistence level. Whether I buy anything or not, leaving a little over £600 of free cash won’t hurt me.

S&P 500
The S&P 500 rises 3% in February

To conclude with, my account is 95£ fatter and increased by 0.36% against the 3% S&P500 Index. My ISA is not precisely beating the market this year so far, but I am totally fine with that and some quietness from at least one of my investing portfolios is very welcome.

Vanguard is a portion of my little British Empire as an Expat

Vanguard portfolio evolution Feb-19 one million journey
Vanguard portfolio evolution Feb-19

Property Partner

Property Partner seems to be stuck with no new property purchases. There’s only one development loan opportunity available only for High Net or Sophisticated Investors. After reaching out to the customer service, I was told that there will be a new investment oportunity during the first week of March, so I may put some spares in.

None of the two property acquisitions I invested back in December have been completed yet, leaving me with no fees to pay and a net income of 20£.

If you feel like interested in Property Partner, you could check what property shares I own and how much cash flow they are giving me on this page. I also wrote a review after one year of investing, where I share my personal opinion and results.

Property Partner is also a portion of my little British Empire as an Expat

Property partner portfolio evolution Feb-19 one million journey
Property Partner Portfolio Evolution


Another buy-to-sell opportunity exited this month onHousers , two months earlier than expected. It delivered a 6.01% annual return against the 7.2% promised during the initial funding period. While my previous and first exited project had a better than expected return, this second one has fallen short by more than a 1%. I don’t hold any other buy-to-sell opportunities and only plan to invest in development loans from now on, as the returns against the risks are not rewarding enough. Housers offered me a 1% cash back if I reinvested back the exited project funds, which I did.

Three of my other investments didn’t pay out – Firenze San Gallo, Merano and Dulcinea. The first two had maintencence and running costs and the last the tenant missed the payment.

Although incluging this hitches, income from Housers has still been better than in January, thanks to the exited project.

My 50 Estadio Nacional shares are still in the marketplace to sell.

It’s been now one year of investing through Housers, I will possibly write a review to express my opinion, experiences and returns archived after 12 months. I know there are tons of reviews out there, and I know no one will join using my links, but the research involved behind writting a review is very powerful as a learning tool.

Portfolio evolution housers Feb-19 one million journey
Portfolio Evolution Housers Feb-19


Grupeer, another month of greatness. Other three projects exited succesfully, returning me 2300€ back in my account. I had a lapse of concentration and left the auto-invest on after the first project exited so, 1200€ were reinvested automatically. I didn’t commit the same mistake for the other two and withdraw 1100€, which were deposited succesfully in my Transferwise account after two days.

The platform turns 2 years old and has announced positive news, the main ones being:

  • It has reached profitability and plans to realise financial statements in April.
  • The default investments on the platform have an impressive rate of 0%.
  • It has again introduced several short-term loans, which were not available for some time, with a 13% interest.

However, this doesn’t change my idea of continuing with my crowdlending diversification and I will keep withdrawing until it gets down to 10K.

Portfolio evolution Grupeer Feb-19 one million journey
Portfolio evolution Grupeer Feb-19

To point out: Even though I withdrew 2300€ over the last two month, my passive income barely changed.


Same as in January, I deposited part of my Grupeer withdrawn funds to Mintos, 500€. After 6 months of using the platform, my confidence is rising and I plan to keep adding funds during the next coming months.

Mintos adds another trophy to its store, winning for the third time the
AltFi’s “People’s Choice Award”. Although the average returns in Mintos are lower than in other crowdlending platforms, investors still chose it as a favourite platform.

Portfolio evolution Mintos Feb-19 one million journey
Portfolio evolution Mintos Feb-19


Crowdestate seems to be adding new opportunities with monthly interest payments again, Hooray! Perhaps they heard my voice from my previous portfolio update! 😉

I reinvested the funds from the exited project Rataskaevu 5, 10123 Tallinn (III) inBaltic Forest OÜ (VII) and Nord Company, both at a 16% rate of return, 1 year term and secured debt. Excellent!

Crowdestate portfolio evolution Feb-19 one million journey
Crowdestate portfolio evolution Feb-19


My plan for Envestio is still to keep adding funds until May, when my 2.5% bonus for 270 days will finish.

Also, the first project I invested in exited this month, rising a bit my confidence on this platform.

Envestio portfolio evolution Feb-19 one million journey
Envestio portfolio evolution Feb-19

Fast Invest

Interest rates on the current Euro investments are lower. My auto-invest portfolio, which was set at a minimum of 13.5% has brought some cash drag in lately, forcing me to change the strategy at 12% minimum.

Earnings during the last three months are alike month after month, but that will change slightly if no loans with higher returns pop in soon.

Portfolio evolution Fast Invest Feb-19 one million journey
Portfolio evolution Fast Invest Feb-19

How are my 2019 goals going?

On my first portfolio update I set several goals I would like to accomplish this year, it’s time to review how I’m progressing:

Increase portfolio value between 180,000 – 200,000€

→ 194,810€ Unexpectedly, goal completed! (for now…some storms may come)

Increase passive income to 700€/month

365€ – It will be challenging but I still have some faith

Read at least 12 books

1.8/12 I’ll push that one on during my summer holidays. Currently reading Ego is the enemy by Ryan Holiday. Absolutely loving it! I want to write about it to remember the main book insights deeply.

Become fitter, reduce body fat to 15% (21% now)

21% (last month 20%) – Not only I paid through the nose for that hot dog that it even made me fatter! Need to spend more time in the gym and running next month.

Improve my writing and speed

Perhaps slightly improving. I think I made a mistake choosing this one as I can’t really measure it…

Write 20 blog posts

→ 8/20 I’m getting there! 🙂

Earn my first blog income and donate it to a charity

No income yet – But I have a plan to tick that one off if in December no one has joint a platform using my links, hihihi.

Savings Rate

‘My savings got better in February. Despite the fact that I lost 1.8% on the flight ticket purchase, mi rate is 36% (11% last month) YAAY! 🙂 . I still have to pay more than my misses as she is only working part time with expections of full time during the summer season, at which time I expect to save 50%.

My landlady wanted to increase the rent by £25 per week. We are already paying £200 per week and there was no way we would accept that. We told her we’re going to leave and luckily changed her mind, keeping the rent at the current amount, £200.

Until next time

I am honoured to announce that the blogger Route2FI has invited me for a blog post interview, which I happily accepted. There will be a nice round of question that I sort of have to answer in some way 😉 A new experience that I am so looking forward to! Stay tunned if you are curious about an Spanglish guy pursuing a million in a somehow complicated atmosphere.

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