Hey there! Thank you for stopping by my first post never ever written by me. This blog is all about my journey towards archiving a one million euros investment portfolio. I will post monthly reports that will get into the numbers, but I would like to focus this post on briefly summarizing my portfolio.

At the time of writing, my portfolio sizes 145.299€. Assuming that I archive a compounded annual return of 10% and none of my current investments fails, I will archive my goal in 20 years by the age of 53, that’s a long journey but I will try to do better than that!

Portfolio allocation

As I am not a professional investor, I try to diversify my investments into different allocations to minimize risks and reduce volatility. However, I must confess that I took emocional driven desicions instead of rational ones over the last year, and as a result, my portfolio is distributed like this:

  • Stocks: 10.5%
  • Bonds: 10.5%
  • Real Estate: 10%
  • P2P Lending: 14%
  • Currency exchange: 55%

As you will see Currency Exchange or Forex is taking a big stake. The returns have been outstanding (7.6% average monthly returns), so I decided to deposit extra money to improve my cash flow, and afterwards, spread the returns over other allocations. All good until the broker announced that the bank, where the customers’ money was kept, had been taken by the financial authorities, due to likely to fail. Investors monies have been blocked and withdrawals are not allowed. I will write further about this, so you don’t make the mistakes I did (and a huge ones!)

Portfolio diversification by platforms

I use several platforms or financial services to spread the money across the allocations mentioned above.

Stocks & Bonds

Real Estate

P2P Lending

Currency Exchange

  • Algotechs

That is the general overview of how my portfolio looks at the begining of documenting my journey. Visit this page to read more about me and the purposes of this blog. Don’t forget to subscribe for future updates. Will I succed or fail? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain:

The wisdom accumulated along the way will be priceless, and that is already a victory.