Ladies and gents, another month went by, which means it is time for another monthly portfolio & savings update to count in June 2021.

June In A Nutshell

My second month in Spain was pretty eventful. Here’s a list of things I’ve been up to or happened during June:

  • My portfolio has surpassed the 150K mark, which was one of my goals for this year! Yay! I was not expecting to reach this mark so early in the year. This is mostly thanks to stocks (70% of my portfolio) which have performed well so far this year. That puts me slightly ahead on my millionaire plan.
  • I managed to sell a lot of second hand products which main mission was to collect dust. That gave me an extra income of £703.5 to add to my compounding machine.
  • We enjoyed hiking on Alta Garrotxa and Costa Brava (Lloret-Blanes) despite the higher that I would like temperatures.
  • I managed to post another millionaire interview and a review on Reinvest24.
  • We moved my mum to her new home care.
  • I finally received my fist Covid-19 jab.

So, overall, it was a great month. I can’t wait to continue enjoying the rest of the summer months. However, Covid-19 cases seem to be increasing quite a lot here in Catalonia, and given that tourists are allowed to come in and restrictions are quite tolerant, I can only see it getting worse for the upcoming weeks. I should be fully vaccinated and “protected” but my partner won’t get a vaccine as she is not Spanish. I tried to get advice on what possibilities she’s got, but no one could give me a clear answer on what to do, so I am still expecting to have another rather quiet summer, as the risk for not vaccinated people are just way too high.

Quick Recap of June Numbers

  • Portfolio value: €152,533 (+3.15%) – details HERE
  • Contributions to the portfolio: €2,694
  • Monthly growth from investments: €4,600
  • Passive income: 1,194 € – details HERE
  • Savings Rate: 69%

Stocks had a nice run in June and that gave a welcomed boost to my portfolio. Many investors seem to be concerned about the stock market entering a bubble. I keep hearing about an imminent market crash since the very first day I put my first £ to work. Bubble or not, I am going to stick firmly to my plan and keep dollar-cost averaging stocks month after month.

After some pondering and testing, I came up with my new investing strategy.

For now, I plan to continue contributing to my SIPP about £1,000 a month. Then I expect to be able to invest another £500-750 on the FTSE All-World Acc via my old Freetrade account, which I had forgotten I even had! Then I am also expecting to invest another 350-500 Euros in Fidelity MSCI World Index Acc, which is another accumulator global fund, but this time via a Spanish platform. I am also going to keep a close eye on dividend stocks and alternative investments such as P2P, but always keeping in mind my allocation target.

I think this will work as a starting point. During the next months, I will see how it works and if happy, then I can “formally” write it down on my year 2 millionaire plan update.

Monthly Income and Expenses

In June, family income went through the roof as we got 1.3K Euros on tax returns and a double payment on pension. So the total income was £7,605 (8,821 EUR).

Unfortunately, we also had more expenses than usual as I had to buy a new fridge for 350 EUR (still waiting to be delivered because of chip shortages), had to take my car to the garage again as the starter motor died (268 EUR), bought a new smartphone for my mum (100 EUR), paid yearly council taxes (250 EUR), contributed the annual 360 EUR to the community of neighbours and also spent a bit more on eating out (you know paellas and these type of tasty Spanish dishes are extremely tempting :D). Altogether we spent £2,359 (2,736 EUR), which is also a lot of money.

Despite this, it is nice to see that I managed to keep the savings rate above my 60% target!

Savings Chart

Savings June 2021

Portfolio Performance

As I like to do on a monthly basis, this is a breakdown of all my current and past investments:

Please note, links containing a star (*) are either affiliate or referral links. P2P lending is a risky business, so you could end up losing all your invested money if you choose to join any of these platforms.

** 20 % discounted to estimate future withdrawal tax payments

In June, the S&P500 Index increased 2.2%. That went pretty much in line with my returns on my S&S ISA accounts and my dividend portfolio. My UK pension always shows higher returns, as I count employer contributions and tax reliefs as investment returns.

I added my new two global funds, FTSE All-World and Fidelity MSCI World, but these show small monthly returns as they were added late in the month.

Return to date is -15.9%, I am getting closer, babies! My financial mistakes with Algotechs, Envestio and Grupeer are about to be kicked out!

Alternative Investments Portfolio

No new additions to my investment portfolio this month.

I am withdrawing funds from Crowdestate as most new development loans have a full bullet repayment schedule. I am a big fan of earning monthly interest on my P2P investments, so I am always trying to avoid full bullets loans.

I continue withdrawing funds from Crowdestor. 11 out of my 16 loans are late, so until this ratio has not improved, I plan to continue doing so.

My investment return with Property Partner is at the edge of becoming negative after the latest property valuation update. I hope this will be just temporal and the student block’s price will rise as Covid-19 fades. At this stage, even Housers’ performance is greater than Property Partner’s. A Spanish product doing better than a proudly made British one? That is interesting to watch!

Qardus is doing well but does not offer enough projects, so after some cash drag issues, I decided to withdraw.

Similar issue with Abundance, not enough projects or the returns are way too low.

Still, no luck withdrawing funds from FastInvest. I still believe in miracles, though, so let’s see!

That finally leaves me with Estateguru* and Reinvest24*, which are the platforms I like the most at the moment. Estateguru is completely hustle-free if using the autoinvest feature, so I just keep it on and look forwards to earn interest payments every month. On Reinvest24, I am following closely their first German rental project and plan to buy some shares when it gets a bit closer to the funding target. Both of these platforms offer bonuses if using the links down below to join:

Dividend Portfolio

My dividend portfolio in June generated 48.07 EUR of passive income.

This was the outlook of my holdings at the end of the month:

Dividend Portfolio update June 2021
Holdings June 2021

My dividend portfolio keeps looking green and good. The total value is now near the 14k mark. As per my current investing strategy, my dividend portfolio should be 10% of the total value of my portfolio. That means I’ve now got about 1,000 Euros of room left for further purchases.

I am happy to keep all my current holdings for the long term, although I’ve considered selling Mastercard as it seems a bit expensive to me.

So, I will be looking to add another dividend payer to the roaster. Ideally, for the sake of diversification, I should be looking to add a utility stock as I’ve got none, however, there are several tempting consumer defensive stocks on my watchlist. As usual, it will be a tough decision to choose one.

Dividend Payments

In June, I received dividend payments from a total of 6 companies:

  • 3M (MMM): €6.68
  • Johnson & Johnson (JNJ): €6.05
  • Walgreens Boots (WBA): €5.42
  • Unilever (ULVR): €11.81
  • Kroger (KR): €3.18
  • Microsoft (MSFT): €0.98
  • ExxonMobil (XOM): €10.58
  • Realty Income (O): €3.37

Total Dividend Income: 48.07

Here’s an update on my year-over-year dividend monthly income comparison, so far so good.

Monthly dividend income

The €45K Project Fund

Another month has passed which means I saved another €60 as a non-smoker, cash that goes into my 45K Project Fund.

In June, I contributed all non-smoked funds to the Global Clean Energy ETF.

So far The 45K Project Fund consists of:

  1. Abundance Investment: €1,452.4
  2. Kiva: €431
  3. Qardus: €251.3
  4. Global Clean Energy ETF: €573.3

So far, I have recovered 6.01% of my loss = €2,708

42,292€ left to go.


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Goals and Habits 2021

It’s time to have a look at how I am doing with my 2021 goals and habits for 2021.

All my goals are monthly measurable, so I’ve built a table to keep an eye on the progress, this is how it is going so far:

Goals and Habits This Month

Goals and habits june 2021

Goals and Habits Previous Month

Goals and habits May 2021

I am struggling to keep on with my goals. It’s not surprising that I am doing well on my financial goals since this is a personal finance blog, but in reference to my health and meditation goals, I can’t catch up with them. Although 10/12 minutes a day seems nothing, it’s easy to lose the pace. I should have removed the weekends and do 10/12min weekdays instead. I may be changing it, as not being able to catch up is quite demotivating. Furthermore, I am also now busier than before and have less free time than when I set these goals during tough lockdown times.

That is all for this month. Thanks for reading.